2016 BUCA Championship Games and Photos

With the 2016 Championship finished, it’s time for the games and photos.

2016 Championship Games

2016 Plate Games (Rounds 1-3 – the rest are coming soon!)

Thank you once again to our tireless team of games inputters.

2016 BUCA Championship Results

The 2016 Championship has finished and Cambridge 1 have defended their title! The top four teams in the Championship have also qualified to compete in the 2016 European Universities Games


1st: Cambridge 1

2nd: Imperial 1

3rd: Manchester 1

4th: Bristol 1

Gold Board Prize: Matheusz Eggink (Warwick), Gavin Fong (Southampton), Aitor Garcia-Ruiz Fuentes (Bristol), Samuel Lim (Imperial), Agoston Mihalik (Birmingham), Nikolas Neusken (Cambridge), Sixten Threstrup (Manchester), Joel Wagg (York), Jean-Luc Weller (Cambridge), Yang-Fan Zhou (Cambridge)

Silver Board Prize: Shami Abdullayev (Manchester), Peter Batchelor (Warwick), Ryan Rhys Griffiths (Imperial), Gregory Young (Cambridge)

Bronze Board Prize: Matthew Best (Exeter), Horia Bogdan (Southampton), Marcus Gosling (Exeter), Joseph Levene (Cambridge), Diana-Maria Serbanescu (UCL), Ewan Wilson (Edinburgh)


1st: Imperial 2

2nd: Warwick 2

3rd: Cambridge 2

Gold Board Prize: Kamil Celinski (Manchester), Guillermo Dierssen Garcia-Barredo (Imperial), Andras Forizs (Warwick), Vigram Mohan (Imperial), Philip Purcell (Durham), Matt Smith (Nottingham), Robert Starley (Cambridge), Adam Taylor (Imperial), Thomas Thorpe (Warwick)

Silver Board Prize: Sean Grenham (Nottingham), Elhans Imanovs (Manchester), Daniel Koehler (Bangor), Thomas Maddox (Exeter), Szymon Palucha (Durham), Frank Sabin (Sussex), Kane Toh (Cambridge)

Bronze Board Prize: Kavitha Appulingam (LSE), Thomas Donaldson (Imperial), Jiri Lhotka (Cambridge), Felix McPeake (Warwick), Donovan Sipho (Swansea), Zheng Yang Sng (LSE), Rowan Swiers (Warwick), Shengjin Wang (UCL), Simon Wilks (Sussex), Eddie Wilson-Hebben (Leicester), Robert Wright (Aberystwyth)


1st: Imperial 3

2nd: Warwick 3

3rd: Sunderland

Gold Board Prize: Fei Gao (Warwick), Nikolaos Koukoulekidis (Imperial), Milan Quentel (Warwick), Jimi Squirrell (Bangor), Luu Quang Thong (Sunderland), Midhun Unnikrishnan (Imperial), Karolis Znutas (Lancaster)

Silver Board Prize: Max Dooley (Nottingham), Jaspar Goodall (Warwick), Peter Hornsby (Durham), Tom Leah (York), Daniel Mayfield (Durham), Thapelo Mothatego (Imperial), Piotr Niedbal (Sunderland), Alexander Poyser (Exeter)

Bronze Board Prize: Max Browning (Swansea), Oliver Clarke (Warwick), Sam Cotterill (Exeter), Jacob Gorman (Birmingham), Ryan Hargreaves (York), Joseph Helbawi (Durham), Faith Mbakhwa (Nottingham), Charles Phillips (Birmingham), Andrew Smith (Bangor), Theo Wait (Birmingham)

BUCA Blitz

1st: P U Midhun (Imperial)

2nd: Adam Taylor (Imperial)

3rd: Stefan Manole (UCL)

2016 BUCA Championship – Live!

Fixtures and Results

Links to fixtures will be available online 30 minutes before the start of play.!

Live Boards


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2016 BUCA Team Championship Entries

Though it seems like it’s being said every year now, this year’s entry list is bigger than ever! So far, 45 teams have been entered.

European Universities’ Chess Championships 2016‏

The top 4 teams in this year’s British Universities’ Chess Championships will qualify for the chess competition at the European Universities’ Games, held in Rijeka, Croatia. The Games will feature 5000 students from 45 countries, with more than 300 Universities competing in 21 different sports.

The chess tournament will be held in Zagreb, between 11-15 July.